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As diverse as India is, such is the diversity of language and thus jasmines are called in India by the names of Moghra, Arabian Jasmine, Mallika, Kundumalligai and also the “Moonshine in the garden”, wherein Moghra is the name which is most popular! The flowers of this plant are used extensively to offer prayers to the gods like Shiva & Brahma and thus pretty famous.

Petunia has beautifully colored flowers that will make your garden look rich and attractive. These flowers are of many colors including pink, red, white, purple, yellow, etc. with a very delicate single petal. They are a perfect choice for your home garden as they do not grow too tall and wide. You can

‘Bon-sai’ is a Japanese word though the art of growing miniature trees in containers originated in China. As is common in any Art form, immense detailing and care are required to nurture the skill. Therefore, one needs to be very careful with growing the Bonsai plant since it is completely dependent on the

Do you love the green carpet spread around a garden and long to have one in your own backyard? It is not as difficult as it looks. What is required for healthy maintenance is the right amount of fertilization, mowing, watering, aerating as well as keeping the pests and even you shall be able to flaunt your lawn. The

Your vegetable plants need adequate nutrition to grow well and yield a lavish produce. They take this nutrition mainly from the soil. It is therefore important that this soil contains enough nutrients for all the plants. These nutrients also need to be in the form that these plants can easily absorb from the soil. The

Does the idea of growing your own vegetables in your kitchen garden excite you? Home grown organic vegetable can be a true blessing to your health. They are nutrition rich as they are eaten soon after being plucked from the plant. This keeps most of their vitamins and minerals intact. And with the

Gardening is a great combination of science and arts. A part of it is all about appreciating the natural beauty and another one involves the knowledge and skills that needs to be incorporated to make things appear beautiful! To have a pleasurable gardening experience, you should have a great amount of

Having a terrace garden gives you immense satisfaction. When you see tomatoes, chilies, coriander, etc. growing from the small pots in your garden, you naturally feel like doing it (the gardening) more and more.People who have been doing this for a while are seasoned people. But let’s talk about what the

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