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Tell: 416.602.8070
Suzan Mousesian
Cell: 416.725.6065
To buy vegetable seeds, plants, flowers, fruit trees, seedlings, flower annual and perennial plants for your home, office or your garden, please contact us.

Planning garden or space with the end result in mind will reward you for many years to come. Be inspired, grow your own garden and have fun!

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We support both commercial and residential inquiries at the following areas(GTA):

North York
Richmond Hill

Designing Consulting Planting
All types of decorative flowers, apartments and medicinal plants
Renovating or rebuilding old gardens
Creating beautiful new gardens

Trimming trees and shrubs
Soil preparation
Fall and spring maintenance

Rebuilding the organic grass
Fertilizing and spraying
Professional planning for grass
Weed harvesting and weed controlling
Lawn aeration
Artificial grass

Keep a small pot of our fresh herbal plants or vegetablesin your kitchen or your backyard.
Take a small pot of our air-purifying plants from your house. These are apartment plants. So they are easy to maintain and grow.

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