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Our products are most similar to natural grass. The main component in our products is the quality.

Artificial turf is actually a grassy product that has a richer look and feel. But with a change in color, it is quite similar to natural grass that has many benefits. The grass is denser, more resistant, and requires much less maintenance, and has solved the problem of grass seed growth in non-fertile soils. Artificial grass is used in areas that are not equipped to grow natural grass or that it is impossible or difficult to maintain.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

The most important features that make artificial grass a serious alternative to natural grass include:

-The elimination and reduction of many costs associated with the preparation, planting and maintenance of land, including seed and planting costs, fertilizers, irrigation and water systems, weed and lawn mowing, poisoning and pest control, restoration and re-planting

-The most basic advantage of using artificial turf in comparing with natural grass is the permanent use

-The uniformity of the ground surface in all its dimensions and levels from the physical and appearance aspects, almost leave no room for errors

-According to statistical surveys, the maintenance costs of artificial turf, considering the useful life of 10 years, is about 10% of normal lawn costs

Artificial turf use

Between mosaic and stone - the perfect option for beauty

The use and application of artificial grass is becoming more common in urban and residential architecture. Today, one of the main uses of artificial grass on flooring is between rocks, mosaics and concrete washing.

The use of artificial turf in these places is increasing day by day and brings beauty to our living environment. It also reduces the maintenance of natural grass. The most important features of the new generation of this product for landscaping are:

• No need for continuous maintenance

• A delightful and beautiful environment

• No need for chemicals and pesticides

• Clean and washable

• Long use

Pet area

Is artificial turf suitable for pets?

Pets are also a member of your family that require special care. The new generation of artificial lawn landscape products provides a comfortable and easy to clean field for pets, adding to the growing need for these places. Along with this feature, these products are beautifully decorated and with a soft surface, you can let your pets to enjoy playing on them peacefully.

Whether your pet is a dog or a cat or any other thing that you keep in your residential setting, artificial lawn landscape can be the perfect flooring option for your pets area, without any chemicals or dusting materials. It is a very useful floor material for the time it takes for animals to stay in the house for a long time. The most important features of landscaping grass for pets include:

• Longevity and long-term use

• Improve and accelerate the disposal of current water

• Prevent rainwater absorption

• Beautiful and sleek appearance

• Compatible with all types of pets

• Clean and easy washing

• Pets and their owner’s favourite

And most importantly, saving water

Artificial turf types


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artificial grassartificial grass
برای استفاده در مناطق ترافیکی متوسط تا شدید.
این محصول عالی برای مناطق محوطه سازی وزمین های بازی واستخر طراحی شده است.
هیچ اثرات زیست محیطی مضری ندارد
برای استفاده در مناطق ترافیکی متوسط تا شدید طراحی شده است.
این محصول عالی برای مناطق محوطه سازی و زمین های بازی
اما با نرمی وراحتی بیشتربه خصوص برای حفظ درجه حرارت پایین طراحی شده است.
هیچ اثرات زیست محیطی مضری ندارد.
artificial grassartificial grass
برای استفاده در مناطق ترافیکی متوسط تا شدید.
به طور خاص برای فضای سبزبا احساس لمس نرم به خصوص برای کاهش میزان گرما طراحی شده است.
هیچ اثرات زیست محیطی مضری ندارد
برای استفاده در مناطق حاشیه های سبز و محوطه سازی.
Durapet اجازه می دهد تا زهکشی سریع و کارآمد انجام شودو به طور خاص برای مناطق حیوان خانگی طراحی شده است
هیچ اثرات زیست محیطی مضری ندارد

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