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Why not give yourself a gift? Give yourself the gift of a healthier life by changing your way of living and using our green gift box.

You also know that receiving gifts is always pleasant and special, especially for gifts with no special occasion. They can come to you as a surprise and also help you maintain your health.

Choosing a gift can be difficult, what do you want to buy that the recipient would like?

It is especially good to give your loved ones and those you see every day a gift, like your family, colleagues, your employees or your customers.

Let us know to help you select from the list of our medicinal plants, varieties of vegetables, small pots of air purifying plants, organic eggs and a basket of organic berries from Ontario’s farm. Our team can deliver it to your desired destination under your name in a beautifully wrapped green box as a gift.

Please read the label attached to the plant for the list of information.

By giving time to this task, as well as increasing your knowledge, your green gift will be a smart surprise.

You can also take on green gifts, pots of household flowers or our home-grown plants.

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Minimum order is $50
You can order on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Delivery days are Thursdays and Saturdays accordingly.

We support both commercial and residential inquiries at the following areas(GTA):

North York
Richmond Hill

Please send your request to the following address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And call us at 416.602.8070 to make sure your request is complete.

Within two business days, the price of your gift will be determined. Upon a successful payment, your gift will be send to the receiver.

We start taking the orders from the beginning of May.

Deliveries start at the beginning of June until October.

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