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code: 2688

It is a vigorous and strong grower

Family: Umbelliferae
Plant Classification: Hardy perennial
Minimum Height: 60 cm
Maximum Height: 80 cm
Packet Content(approx.): 12

This new and really superb astrantia has large cherry red flowers which are very long-lasting and if dead-headed will be in flower from April until September. It is a vigorous and strong grower and a superb performer in the garden. Comes rewardingly true from seed but very few seeds collected.
Sowing advice: Sow seeds IMMEDIATELY you receive them, at any time of the year, they depend on having several months, sometimes up to a year in cold, damp compost, (NOT DRY IN A FRIDGE) before they will germinate. Keep the seed tray moist in a cold greenhouse or shady corner and do not discard. These fresh seeds can be very slow to germinate but do not use any artificial heat in an attempt to germinate them as it may simply disrupt their germination mechanism causing them to enter even deeper dormancy.

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