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Seeds should be sown at any time

Family: Primulaceae
Common name: Peloponnesian cyclamen
Plant Classification: Hardy perennial
Minimum Height: 5 cm
Maximum Height: 10 cm
Packet Content(approx.): 10

Native to Rhodes and Kos, this rare gem is a small tuberous plant carrying rounded leaves speckled with grey-green, and strongly-scented rosy-pink flowers, darker at the mouth, which open in late spring
Sowing advice: Seeds should be sown at any time, and as soon as possible after you have received them. Sow the seeds thinly onto a gritty, loamy compost and cover about 6mm or 1/4 inch deep as light can inhibit germination. Keep at between 10 and 15 degrees C. Germination can take from one to twelve months and is generally erratic, a strategy that has evolved to protect the strain in the wild. Pot on into a low-organic content compost.

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