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The fleshy fruit has a hard seed-containing stone within

Family: Putranjivaceae
Common name: Lucky Bean Tree, Child's Amulet Tree, Child-Life Tree
Plant Classification: Greenhouse perennial
Minimum Height: 5.0 meters
Maximum Height: 12.0 meters
Packet Content(approx.): 6 very large seeds

This attractive, moderate-sized, evergreen tree flowers from March to May when its yellowish male flowers crowd into rounded axillary clusters, the female flowers being solitary,and greenish yellow. It has pendent branches and dark grey bark, with both bark and leaves being used as medicine, the leaves and fruits traditionally used as medicine for rheumatism. The fleshy fruit has a hard seed-containing stone within, which is strung into necklaces for putting on children, the belief being they ward off evil. The plant contains mustard oils as a chemical defence against herbivores and is widesread across SE Asia.
Sowing advice: These seeds have already been thoroughly cleaned and should be sown into a well-drained, sandy compost at any time of the year, and covered thinly with sand or grit and kept moist. Keep at between 20-25 degrees C. Seeds sometimes germinate within 4 to 6 weeks although some varieties may take very much longer so please be patient. Plant out in the open ground in warmer countries or in a large container elsewhere.

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