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pastel lilac flowers all summer long

Family: Dipsacaceae
Plant Classification: Half hardy perennial
Minimum Height: 45 cm
Maximum Height: 90 cm

This stunning new plant is a selected form of Scabiosa africana from South Africa. Strong branching stems of frilly primrose-like leaves, produce a compact shrub. Then appears a succession of large, very lovely, pastel lilac flowers all summer long.
Sowing advice: For best results, sow seeds immediately onto a good soil-based compost. Cover the seeds with fine grit or compost to approximately their own depth. They can be sown at any time, and germination can sometimes be quicker if kept at 15 to 20 degrees C. However, we sow most seeds in an unheated greenhouse and wait for natural germination as many seeds have built-in dormancy mechanisms, and often wait for spring before emerging regardless of when they are sown. But spring sowing will obviously give them a full season of growth if successful germination occurs.

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